Solutions Company connects and integrates highly educated professionals with extensive experience in the field of energy metering and managment systems and other related systems solutions in power engineering sector. We understand the key needs of our clients and the challenges of energy sector today.

This allows us to provide you:

  • Cloud energy meter data services
  • Electric and Hybrid vehicle charging solutions
  • Energy control and management solutions
  • Energy data and energy losses analyses
  • Energy losses identification in networks
  • Energy metering solutions and services
  • Energy storage and selfconsumption solutions
  • Innovative energy solutions research and development
  • Integration metering systems with xEMS or SCADA systems



Specialists for advanced energy metering services based on platform of Smart Metering and Internet of Things for energy prosumers and energy utilities.

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Metera d.o.o.

P: + 386 1 500 3210

E: info(at)

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