energomonitor Insight into your house
Conveniently measure and collect utility and ambient data to run your household and business more safely and efficiently.

Control your household and business with:

  • consumption information - get comprehensive information about your household’s utility consumption and costs
  • real-time data - monitor the situation in real time, updated every minute
  • alerts and notifications - find out about problems and unusual utility consumption
  • email reports - learn from historical data in monthly or weekly reports
  • always at your fingertips - access the data anytime and anywhere from any computer, tablet or mobile phone
Energomonitor solution gives you:
  • comprehensive information about utility consumption and energy production
  • a real-time overview of all sensors – what’s happening right now
  • data history saved every 90 seconds – unlimited browsing of your consumption history
  • real-time notifications about individually adjustable alerts –info on all the events you’re curious about
  • email reports – weekly and monthly
  • exports of full data history into XLS and CSV
  • a cloud-based solution – measured data that’s accessible anytime and anywhere, from any computer, tablet or mobile phone
With energomonitor you always know what’s going on
inside your house:
  • Did I switch off the gas stove when I left home?
  • Does the fridge work as it’s supposed to?
  • Is the rest of my family home already?
  • Is the thermostat set correctly or am I paying needlessly for heat during the parts of the day when I’m not home?

or inside your business:
  • Are all the office lights switched off at night?
  • Is my utility network okay?
  • Did that faulty pipe cause any water damage?
  • When do my employees arrive at work?
  • How much does it cost when all the office computers are left running uselessly through the night?



Specialists for advanced energy metering services based on platform of Smart Metering and Internet of Things for energy prosumers and energy utilities.

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